Bishon Tales

Scene 1: Bishon and the Apples

This is scene that occurs almost everyday in my house. Every morning.

Bishon comes back from his walk, licks Mother awake. sleeps for an hour, has breakfast and just wander about flopping himself in the coolest place his Labrador fur seeks.

Around 11 every morning, Mother does puja. She recites a 15 minutes long Mantra at the end of which she offers apples to the goddess.

Bishon settles from across her and watches her the entire time. sometimes face on the floor, sometimes up, at all times looking at Mother.

He waits Mother to ring the holy bell, and then darts in to steal the apple. Everyday.

Mother cries about the expensive apple stolen by Bishon. Everyday.

Scene 2: Good morning

Bishon wakes up around 6, along with Father. They go for their walk and morning business and he is back home by 7. He ogles at the street for a bit.

If it is summer, he will knock on my door until i let him in. I sleep in. I do not approve. He does not care.

My ritual every morning after waking up is to call for him. He has two responses

1. Ignore me (On days that i wake up after 10.00 am or if he is mad at me)

2. Come bounding towards me while i fall on an easy chair and he climbs on me with his front paws and licks my face while i pet.

Response 2 usually ensures i have a very good day.

Scene 3: Dinner with father

Bishon is not the most well trained of dogs.

He does as he will at most times. this makes for fun meal times. He is scared of my father and his temper. Except at meal times. He sits up next to the small table panting. His eyes follow my dads hand from plate to mouth. Plate to mouth. 4 bites in silence. low growl for bite 5. bark at bite 6. Bite 7; is his!.

Half a Roti is had every dinner! A hungry dad steals some sweets every night.

Scene 4: Monster Bag

Brother came home at 3 that day. Like he did everyday. Bishon was hanging around in the front room. He heard the auto sound that signaled Brother’s arrival. He barked at the gated grill. He barked to greet. Mother let him out.

The Brother in all his mischief decided to walk in with his backpack covering his face. Bishon yelped at the Monster walking towards him and sped inside, peeing a little on the way.

Brother got scolded by a giggling Mother.

Bishon got a lot of treats.



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